Seattle Hmong New Year 2010 – REVIEW

We hope everyone enjoyed the Hmong New Year at the Seattle Center. The day programming went smoothly this year and we had performances throughout the whole day. The evening party was sold out – sorry for those who did not get a ticket, but the venue had a limit on how many people could be inside. Next year, we will find a larger party venue. The New Year Committee appreciates the community’s support of our event. Thank you to everyone, especially the youths, for respecting our event and keeping it safe. The New Year Committee has purchased gift cards for the stage performers. If you left the New Year without receiving your gift card, please contact HAW via email or phone. We appreciate all our performers and the time you give to make our event fun every year.

Focus on Education and Youth

Truancy and Delinquency is a problem in our community that has been overlooked for a long time. It is something families do not like to mention outside of the immediate family. Parents feel helpless to control their children. Their children do not listen to the parents. Yet, parents feel uneasy to seek external help. It is a problem that many of us in the community do not want to bring up, but it exists, and it needs to be addressed. It may not be your child, but it is someone’s child. The cultural expectation is to not intrude on a family’s problem unless they ask for help, but they do not ask for help. It has been brought to our attention that there is a need for help in this area. How can we help?