Guaranteed Tuition for Qualifying College-Bound 8th Grade Students

Did you know that the State of Washington will guarantee tuition to a Washington public college or university to any student on the federal free and reduced lunch program — if that student maintains a 2.0 grade point average and does not commit a felony during high school? It’s true. But they have to enroll in the scholarship program by the 8th grade. And the deadline is almost here. It’s called the College Bound Scholarship Program, and our goal is for 100 percent of eligible 8th graders in Seattle to be enrolled in the College Bound Scholarship program by the June 30, 2012 deadline. Last year Mayor Mike McGinn’s office was able to help meet that goal by getting the word out in the community about this incredible opportunity. In fact, last year 42% more kids signed up than in 2010. We need to step up and take responsibility as a city to help our children, especially when many families cannot afford to send their kids to college. Even if you don’t have a child who qualifies, you probably know someone who does. Please share the above information and the following link as widely as possible. Students may apply for the College Bound Scholarship online at: For more information on this program, download the FAQs document: College Bound Scholarship FAQs