Roadtrippin’ Your Way to Discovery!

Spiral Youth Club is excited to be hosting our 6th annual camping trip this summer and of course, we can’t wait to have you join us! Our Hmong community doesn’t get together often enough and this is your chance to get away from selling flowers all weekend, get connected with more Hmong individuals, and not be stuck indoors. This will be a weekend filled with discovering new friendships, knowledge, passion, and more! We want our attendees to leave feeling motivated, inspired, and determined about themselves, their goals, our Hmong community, and anything else that comes to mind. Please join us! DATES: JULY 10TH - 12TH, 2015 LOCATION: SILVER SPRINGS CAMPGROUND | ENUMCLAW, WA AGES: 12 + FEE: $25 (We use this money to help us fund food, transportation, and necessary supplies needed for camp) APPLICATION FORM HERE (This includes more details): Also, this year we are accepting 12 attendees in sponsorship from HAW (Hmong Association of Washington) to go camp. If you can't afford to go to camp we suggest you apply for our sponsorship application to cover your $25 fee. APPLICATION FORM HERE (This Includes more details): If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to email or contact: Xob Vue (503)-915-7498 | Yeeleng Vang | Kabao Xiong (206)-787-2511