40 Voices: We Are Hmong

We had the privilege of working on a special project title, "40 Voices: We are Hmong" for the Seattle Hmong New Year 2015. “40 Voices: We Are Hmong” was created to capture the journey, stories, and the voices of the Hmong community in the Northwest. As we celebrate our "40 Years in America" we encourage the community to engage and share our struggles and stories but most importantly our hopes and dreams. The three questions asked of the participants are as follow: 1. What doe it mean to be Hmong? 2. What do you appreciate about the Hmong culture? 3. What would you like to see improve in the Hmong community in the future? Some videos are Hmong speaking only and if you do not understand Hmong, the transcriptions for the people speaking Hmong are under the description on the youtube channel. Please watch, share, and enjoy! "Only together can we learn and grow as a community."