Seattle Hmong New Year 2011

Nyob Zoo Xyoo Tshiab!  That means “Happy New Year” in Hmong.  Join us as we bring in the new year!  Come and enjoy delicious Hmong food, traditional dances, cultural shows, music, and much more.  This year’s celebration event will be held on November 5, 2011 from 11:00am-10pm at the Fisher Pavilion at the Seattle Center (305 Harrison St., Seattle, WA 98109).  The festival is FREE and open to the public. The Hmong Association of Washington is proud to host Tou SaiKo Lee from St. Paul, Minnesota as our Ethnic Arts Cultural Enhancement Fund artist this year.  Tou is a spoken word artist, mentor, and hip-hop enthusiast.  He has performed on stage with his brother as the duo, “Delicious Venom” and his hip-hop group, PosNoSys (Post Nomadic Syndrome).  Additionally he enjoys collaborating with many other artists, including his grandmother, Youa Chang. An up and coming melodic hip-hop group that has aslo collaborated with Tou and will be making their way to Seattle from Sacramento, CA is The FamiLy.  The members include James Mua, Peter Lao, and Viem Lo.  This group draws their inspiration from their faith and their Hmong roots. HAW would also like to welcome Yami Lee to the Pacific Northwest.  Yami is an aspiring artist who hopes to be the first Hmong-American mainstream singer. The evening portion of the event will include a concert by a local Hmong band, The Forever Band.

Hmong Exhibit at the Wing Luke Museum

For the past 6 months, the Wing Luke Asian Museum has been working with representatives from the Hmong community in Seattle to plan and design the Hmong exhibit at the WLAM. The grand opening was March 4th, at 5PM and was very successful.  There was a large group of support from the community to see this display of Hmong culture. The dancing group Silver Kiss performed a traditional Hmong dance while traditional snacks were sampled, including sticky rice (mov nplaum) and Hmong sausage (hnyuv ntxwm Hmoob).  After the opening introductions, the group toured the newly opened exhibit entitled “Paj Ntaub: Stories of Hmong in Washington” as well as the other interesting collections in the Asian museum.

Seattle Hmong New Year 2010 – REVIEW

We hope everyone enjoyed the Hmong New Year at the Seattle Center. The day programming went smoothly this year and we had performances throughout the whole day. The evening party was sold out – sorry for those who did not get a ticket, but the venue had a limit on how many people could be inside. Next year, we will find a larger party venue. The New Year Committee appreciates the community’s support of our event. Thank you to everyone, especially the youths, for respecting our event and keeping it safe. The New Year Committee has purchased gift cards for the stage performers. If you left the New Year without receiving your gift card, please contact HAW via email or phone. We appreciate all our performers and the time you give to make our event fun every year.